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About Us

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EU-Metal BV is established in Belgium, under the umbrella of family business which was started on a small scale in India. The Founder, Late Shri Bal Krishna Gulati started Bharat Iron & Steel in the year 1966 and commenced our journey in Metal Industry and from that day we have been expanding our wings in different parts of the world setting the highest standards of quality along with ethical business practices.

Tracing Our Root


Started under the umbrella of family business, EU-METAL BV has a dedicated and robust team, which is passionate about delivering quality steel to their customers. The company’s roots can be traced back to the year 1966, when the foundation stone was laid by Late Mr. Bal Krishan Gulati. The journey of our company EU-METAL BV commenced in 2012 in Belgium. A blue chip company, EU-METAL BV manoeuvres itself as suppliers and exporters, who proffer a plethora of prime and non-prime flat and long steel products. We offer the right products, technical contents and solutions and ensure that the steel we deliver is in conformity to the customer’s needs. Our ultimate goal is to fulfil the requirements of the customers in the fastest way possible.


Initiated in the year 2012 in Belgium, EU-METAL BV is a trusted supplier and exporter of a wide range of prime and non-prime flat and long steel products. We are qualified in handling substantial amounts of Flat Rolled/Long/Round Carbon Steel products. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the international work space by achieving an impressive volume of 180,000 MT steel annually. Within a fleeting time span we have become a name to reckon within the steel market. A B2B company, our expertise and proficiency lies in the fact that we cater to a broad spectrum of users. We indulge in viable professional practices and our competitive prices make us an idyllic choice across big scale industries, small scale industries, end users and dealers alike. With representatives in over 30+ countries, EU-METAL BV is affiliated with some of the world’s top notch steel mills. An all-encompassing principal management company, EU-METAL BV is proficient in all spheres, varying from sourcing of materials, to storage and finally shipping the products in containers or break bulk. We pride ourselves in maintaining over 11 warehouses in Europe and 1 each in Canada and USA respectively.With core strengths in fields such as Logistics, Finance, Documentation and R&D, we believe that opportunities don’t happen, you create them. Following this motto, we have spread our wings to some remote and far-flung countries which are otherwise considered to be challenging terrains of work. Having enumerated a stupendous growth rate in the last few years, our company is now looking to intensify its efficacious presence in other nations including virgin markets. For us, a customer’s perception is our reality. When they choose us over any other supplier, they choose quality, superiority and value. Having started from scratch, we are now armed with exceptional technical know-how and a superlative infrastructure. Our strength and growth is a result of our constant effort and determination to provide our customers with outstanding quality of prime and non-prime steel products.


We have been diligent in building a name for ourselves and for us reputation is everything. We have a responsibility towards our customers and end users. In order to retain our reputation and market name we conduct regular material evaluations, audits and quality checks. 

Our goal is to provide competitive prices for good quality steel products. We leverage our resources and preserve consistent quality of all our products because eventually ratio of price and quality is the best business plan. We are capable of providing all kinds of qualities for our wide-ranging list of customers. 

We follow complete transparency and adhere to stringent rules when it comes to vendor’s document and certification. We believe that quantity has a quality of its own. Therefore EU-METAL BV only partners with vendors who have a well-equipped robust infrastructure to handle capacious orders. 

EU-METAL BV values its customers and their time. The adherence to delivery date and promise time is our mantra to success. Also when it comes to interaction between the new customers, punctual delivery helps in winning their loyalty and support. This means that every procedure of distribution, including storage, the logistics plans, transportation and assigning routes, schedule and management works in a rhythmic manner. We work under strict time constraints and endeavour to send punctual shipments which leads to an upsurge of our brand’s name.


With an impeccable past track record and affiliation with some of the leading names of the industry, EU-METAL BV is advancing towards bigger victories and accomplishments. The company has recorded a stupendous 300 times growth rate in the past few years. We not only supply our products at competitive rates but also make use of the most advanced technology available today. Right from the mills who supply to us, to end users and service centres who buy from us, we have an extensive network across many countries and are working to maintain long term relationships with all our business partners. Other than that our company makes consistent efforts in managing the health and safety measures around the workplace.


Our Earth is a fine place and so it is worth fighting for. Steel is undoubtedly one of the world’s most essential construction and engineering materials. However we have to realise that making steel has some grave repercussions on our planet Earth. Being at top of our game brings in bigger responsibilities and obligations. So EU-METAL BV is trying to do its bit to conserve the natural resources and save the environment by following the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing and reusing steel curtails the manufacturing pollution while recycling of steel can avert pollution in industrial processes to a great extent. Consequently a substantial part of the steel being sold today comes from the recycled content.

Reducing -

We are constantly indulging in good practices which can lower energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.

Reusing -

Apart from being an eco-friendly, using non-prime (secondary) steel is cost effective too. It removes the expenditure of energy that arises from the reconstitution processes or to manufacture prime steel.


One essential aspect of Steel as a material also lies in the fact that it can be recycled over and over without losing its strength. Recycling of prime steel instead of using virgin materials each time reduces water and air pollution and mining wastes by 70%.


At EU-METAL BV we strive for customer satisfaction because we believe that a satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement. Our endeavour is not only adding new customers but also ensure that our existing customers develop a long term relationship with us. As they say that actions speak louder than words, therefore what they think about our products, our service and business ethics is imperative for our development. So we make sure we give them the right product within their stipulated price and time frame. After all a penny saved is a penny earned!

Treat your customers like lifetime partners